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How To Order?

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Step-by-Step Process On How To Order On Our Website / Cara Order Mudah:

1. Click the category of your choice. / Klik kategori yang awak berminat.


2. Click on the picture of the product which you are interested in buying. / Klik gambar produk yang anda berminat untuk beli.


3. Select the size and color, then click the "Add to Cart" button. / Pilih saiz dan warna, kemudian klik butang "Add to Cart."


4. Click "Shopping Cart." / Klik "Shopping Cart."


5. If you want to add more items in your shopping cart click "Continue Shopping." If you are done, click "Checkout." / Jika anda ingin tambah lagi produk klik butang "Continue Shopping." Jika anda sudah selesai membeli, klik butang "Checkout."


6. Fill in your email and password. If you have not registered yet, please register an account. / Sila isi emel dan kata kunci anda. Jika anda belum daftar akaun di website sila daftar akaun terlebih dahulu. 


7. Select your billing address, then click "Continue." / Pilih alamat pembayaran anda, kemudian klik butang "Continue."


8. Select your delivery address, then click "Continue". / Sila pilih alamat penghantaran anda, kemudian klik butang "Continue."


9. Select the correct shipping method, add your comments if any, then click "Continue." / Sila pilih kaedah penghantaran yang tepat, isikan komen anda jika perlu, kemudian klik butang "Continue."


10. Select your preferred payment method, then click "Continue." / Pilih kaedah pembayaran yang anda suka, kemudian klik butang "Continue."


11. Do a final check on your order including products selected, shipping method and shipping address most importantly. If everything is correct, click "Confirm Order." / Sila semak butiran order anda termasuklah alamat penghantaran. Jika semuanya tepat, klik butang "Confirm Order."


12. If your order went through successfully you will receive a confirmation page with the heading: "Your Order Has Been Placed!" / Jika order anda berjaya, anda akan mendapat pengesahan dengan tajuk: "Your Order Has Been Placed!"